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Artist Profile
Adeleine Daysor (b. 1981) is an artist, educator and cultural researcher invested in the everyday. She is fascinated with the make of myths, the surprise of the found, and the mundane appearing uncanny. Adeleine experiments with a range of media but has a special affinity with painting, objects and installation.


Q&A with Adeleine Daysor
What changes did you observe in the participants as they went through Facets of Me?

Most came in hesitantly having not had any art experience and most came in unsure of what they wanted to do or what they could achieve. As time progressed, they built a lot of confidence through embracing something unfamiliar. One participant shared that the process was very organic and that the approach was very encouraging - at the beginning she never thought she would be able to piece something like that together!

How did you see your role?

I think i tried to be more of an observer, honestly, as I didn't want to have a heavy hand in the making of the work. I was there to respond to their questions. Most of my advice was compositional or technical: Some needed assistance, but most knew what they wanted, so I was there to help them visualise it.

What were the challenges you faced?

I think the main challenge was in the first two lessons in trying to put across the objective or idea that we're trying to manifest. Many would come in thinking I was coming to teach them how to do A, B, C etc. but that wasn't the case - it was really about free expression. That took a bit of convincing.
Sep 13 - Oct 24, 2014
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